Hi Delta outdoor boiler 80-640 kW

Hi Delta, indoor / outdoor gas boilers / commercial water heaters/ swimming pool heaters

Technological process heaters from 80 to 640 kW
Indoor / Outdoor installation. industrial / technological /, gas water 
Typical areas of applications.  High efficiency
High temperature heating systems with  96%  thermal efficiency
Direct heating of domestic hot water or swimming pool water with 94% thermal efficiency
Technological processes, up to 105 Celsius flow temperature 
Versatility and references
They can operate reliably in the most extreme operating conditions. Solutions for a variety of unusual tasks:
- Valuable building areas are released 
- Otherwise insignificant areas are utilized
- No boiler room is needed
- Eliminates the cost of chimney construction.
A wide range of flue systems or the option of outdoor installation might make possible the use of gas appliances can be considered at all, and thus the total cost of the construction might be greatly reduced.
Numerous achieved installations demonstrate their worthiness. 
Scope of delivery, accessories
The Hi Delta units are supplied full assembled according to the ordered specification.
Small weight and dimensions make the shipment to the application site easy. Easy disassembly and assembly, if necessary, the parts can be supplied to the site manually without difficulties.
Two Hi-Delta units can be installed over each other.
High-strength, heat-shock resistant heat exchanger
The heat exchanger is suitable for direct contact with drinking water. The finned tubes are manufactured of a single, thick-walled plain copper pipe starting to be rolled and  crimped along  helically thus resulting  large heat transfer finned tubes made of its same solid material.
Ultra-lightweight, durable design, silent operation
The load of the floor does not exceed 325 kg/m2.
The outer cabinet is completely closed: corrosion-resistant, galvanized-coated sheet steel, powder-coated in plastic.
Silent operation makes any further protection against noise or vibration unnecessary.
Exchangeable connection terminals: flue gas, air, water, gas, electricity
Low emission main burners
The 100% Fan assisted 100% premix burner tubes are made of titanium-chromium stainless steel alloy resulting low NOx emissions. Less than 30 mg / kWh, on natural gas.
Central control diagnostic unit
Hot surface ignition system and flame ionization.
Dual ignition. Two separate and independently operable ignition system for larger appliances.
Intermittent primary circuit pump control with adjustable pump overrun to reduce standby heat losses and electric consumption.
They have single- or multistage burner control to be connected to various analogue or digital controllers ranging from a single constant temperature thermostat through weather-compensated digital controllers of a heating system up to a complex network of integrated building management systems. 
Operating status / error conditions displayed on-site, remote control or transmission of the error signal on request.
Installation methods
Outdoors, without flue pipe system 
Outdoors, connected to flue pipes 
Inside a boiler room, vertical vent system, open or closed combustion chamber
Inside a boiler room, horizontal vent system, open or closed combustion chamber