Technological hot water supply

Direct water heating with commercial/technological raypak water heater



direct water heating with technolgical water heater


All types of Raypak appliances are excellently suitable for this purpose thanks to the enameled cast iron or bronze headers 4.incorporated with the copper heat exchanger of big strength.3., which can be in direct contact with the potable water. The water heater can be installed into the water network without decompression thanks to the safety valve of 9 bar opening pressure. The water heater is connected to a buffer storage tank of suitable volume which does not have any inner heat exchanger. The water to be heated is circulated between the tank and the water heater by a domestic hot water pump built into the return water line upstream of the heater. The pump operation is controlled by the water heater through the inbuilt magnet switch.
5. If the thermostat of the water heater observes that the water temperature decreases starts the main burner. 6. and also the pump. Reaching the set temperature the storage tank thermostat turns off the main burner, then stops the pump. Thanks to the electronic ignition 5. there is not any gas consumption at all when the main burner is turned off.
Why to use a Raypak water heater?
The raw material of the heat exchanger is thick-walled copper tube, which is rolled out of its own material. The result: is a structure, which is significantly oversized but still with a small mass, being resistant to an overpressure of 12 bar, with a  low hydraulic resistance,  practically insensitive  to corrosion and  heat shock. The intensive flow in the tubes guarantees a heat transfer of good efficiency, prevents the formation of scale and the deposition of sediments for a prolonged time.
 Softening the water of the potable network up to 800C and 22 0dH is unnecessary for the water heater.
The ends of the heat exchanger are closed by the water connections made of bronze or enameled cast iron and by the reverse headers which could be easily and simply removed after unscrewing a few nuts. Inspecting and cleaning the heat exchanger does not need any specialized knowledge.
Thanks to its small mass and volume of the heat exchanger and small external sizes, it could be installed on roof floors ideally, could be transported in cramped places easily and it could be disassembled-reassembled simply and quickly.


New size, water supply and water temperature ranges (up to 1050C) open to the designing engineer and to the consumer while the water heaters and the buffer storage tanks could be installed in a more flexible way. Using several water heaters and/or storage tanks, the network could be extended at random and alternative water heating systems could be easily connected.

The expected lifetime of a Raypak water heater is multiple to a storage tank of carbon steel.

In case of a storage tank leakage is not necessary to throw out all valuable equipment!