Wessex Modumax condensing boiler-highest output, smallest footprint boilers


High effiency, condensing, fully modulating, pre-mix modular gas fired boilers

A small footprint and space saving design make the Wessex ModuMax the only commercial boiler that can provide up to a massive 985 kW per square metre, saving valuable plant room space.


- Compact space saving design


- Fully assembled for fast installation


- Energy saving high effiency performance


- Large waterways, tolerant of older systems


- Comrehensive integrated control options


- Superrior monitoring capability


Available in 15 condensing models with outputs from 100kW to 750 kW the Wessex ModuMax condensing boiler operates at up to 20 C temperature rise with minimum return temperature of 30 C.
The extensive range of control options include a boiler sequencing cascade controller, which can manage up to 12 boilers in a multiple boiler installation.
Completing the Wessex ModuMax package is a range of optional manifold kits to simplify design and installation. The manifold kits are available for 2 or 3 modules and are factory tested and assembled for ease of installation.